Unlimited Websites With Siteground No Longer | Is It Time For A Change?

Apr 17, 2021

The World Of Hosting…

If your thinking about creating a website, then the first thing you are probably going consider is which hosting provider you should sign up with and the plan you should choose. There are an array of choices on offer and this is certainly quite the understatement as there are currently over 330,000 hosting providers worldwide!

For many the process of choosing the best provider can be quite overwhelming. There are a multitude of companies out there that provide a wide range of hosting options, all of which have various pro’s and con’s.

However, in regards to market share it has become quite clear who the big players are, in which GoDaddy has become the top contender with 16.11%, while other companies such as, AWS Web Hosting (9.21%), Google Cloud Web Serving (9%), 1&1 Hosting (5.76%), Hostgator (3.84%), and BlueHost (2.96%) are significant competitors.

Although, these hosting providers are not the subject of our article today.


SiteGround is a popular hosting company that has been one of the few providers to be reccomended by WordPress. This Bulgarian hosting provider, which was founded by a group of university freinds in 2004, has been going strong over the last few years, winning multiple awards, receving rave reviews, and as is purported by the company itself – ‘trusted by the owners of 2,000,000 domains‘.

However, over the last few months things have been changing. Prior to June 2020, SiteGround’s hosting plans would range from $3.95/mo (StartUp), $5.95/mo (GrowBig), and $11.95/mo (GoGeek); in which packages scale up in price as more da Today, you can find these same packages at $6.99, $9.99, and $14.99 respectively.

Not the end of the world right? Still sounds pretty good? Well, these price points are a little decieving as these are just the starting prices for the first year where you will recieve a 60% discount upon purchase. After which you would pay $14.99 (StartUp), $24.99 (GrowBig), and $39.99 (GoGeek).

Now, initiailly SiteGround (like many other hosting providers) would allow this deal to be extended between one and three years. So, for example, if you were to choose their GrowBig package you could either pay $119.88 for 1-Year, $239.76 for 2-years, or $359.64 for 3-Years. However, today this is no longer the case, as this 60% offer only extends for the first year, while years two and three have to be paid for the full-price.

About The Company

  • Founded in 2004 by a group of university friends.
  • Company claims to host more than 2,000,000 domains at time of writing.
  • Offices in five different countries: Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States.
  • Services: Shared, Managed WP, Managed WooCommerce, dedicated, and cloud hosting.
  • Won the People’s Choice vote and the Silver award in the jury vote for Customer Service Department of the Year in “Computer Hardware & Services” category in the 14th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.

Only How Many Websites SiteGround?

Unfortunatly, these would not be the only changes that would be made to SiteGround’s hosting packages, as they have recently announced that they will be not allow users to have unlimited websites on their account.

Instead, their StartUp package will be capped at one website, GrowBig at two, and GoGeek at five.

While for many users this won’t pose any serious problems, for others this could be the nail-in-the-coffin and cause many to look elsewhere for another hosting provider. This has led affiliates, including Ferdy Korpershoek to stop promoting the platform and look to new hosting services to recomend to his subscribers.

Now I’m like they increased the prices, they increased the prices again, they cut off the dutch payment provider, and now they have reduced the GrowBig account from unlimited to two website accounts. For me, with my vision for this YouTube channel of providing high quality tools for an affordable price SiteGround does not fit that anymore unfortunatly.

Ferdy Korpershoek

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